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Bullied to Death

If you’ve spent any amount of time talking to me, you already know how I feel about bullying. Too many children are suffering and for what reason? Watching the news over the last couple years has become a heartbreaking affair. How many children have to die before people will start stepping up and addressing this epidemic? Take a minute today to remember those children.

Motherhood: And Then My Heart Burst

I blew my bangs out of my face for the umpteenth time and looked around the cramped portable. I hated being here, in the dingy dim light, waiting hours to be seen. The walls were covered with a variety of educational posters from the 1970’s and the floor was scattered with a rainbow of toys.

How Do I Write a Perfect Author Bio?

You are finally really to jump out there and introduce yourself to the world but suddenly, the words freeze on the tip of your tongue. Character descriptions are breezy, but describing yourself? It can be quite intimidating. You will undoubtedly write and rewrite your author bio, it will evolve over time, but as you practice it will become easier and changes will effortlessly fill any gaps you feel there are now.

Can I Master the Art of Being Enough?

A friend of mine posted the above quote on Facebook a while back. It has popped up on occasion ever since. This is where I have been, mentally and emotionally, lately. I want to do so much, I really am doing so much. I feel like I can barely keep up with myself and yet… I want to do more. I feel like I should be able to more, to do it all. No matter how much I accomplish, I seem to always feel this way.

One for All, All in Trouble

As I sat in the car loop, with a hot and grumpy little girl, I peeked in the side mirror to see my son walking stalking towards us. Great, two grouches for the price of one! It was my lucky day.

I watched him approach, all angry eyebrows and storm clouds.

Netflix Support Talks Me Off A Ledge - Our Write Side

Last night, after yet another hectic day, I crawled into bed with my Kindle and my headphones. I was prepared for a quiet evening hanging out with the Winchester brothers and some monsters. Imagine my dismay when I received an error message denying me entry into my own account. Apparently, hackers occasionally find their way into the streaming account of random accounts. The following is the conversation that took place between myself and Benjamin, of costumer service.

You Don't Annoy Me

Recently, I have come across countless blog posts complaining about “annoying status” updates. I read one where the writer went on and on…listing the “types of annoying status” and bullet pointing each one; letting us know what qualified a status for each category.

Have You Met the Green Eyed Monster?

Jealousy. Envy. The green-eyed monster. Keepin’ up with the Jones’.

Now matter how you word it, the meaning is the same. “I don’t have it, they do, I want it. Oh, and I hate them for having it.”

Now, I won’t go so far as to say I don’t want anything. I would be lying. There are tons of things I would love to have. I could write a list of items that would make any given day easier, or more enjoyable. Like, if you wanted to send me cupcakes, that would be stellar!

Do You Know Why I Loved to Teach

I see a lot of people who grumble about their jobs and some even state they hate it, but they are grateful for it. I really couldn’t imagine working my whole life at a job (or jobs) that I don’t love. I have changed jobs a lot. I know, it looked a little less than desirable at times on my resume, but my skills usually outweighed it. I simply cannot suck it up. I need to love what I do and I have never stuck out a soul-draining job.

The Sassy Vault: Endings Mean Beginnings

I feel his eyes on me and the world slowly comes into focus as I wake up. I catch the glint of the blade as he attempts to hide it behind his back. I feel like a caged animal laying in this bed. He clears his throat and we each remain silent until he retreats from the room without speaking to me.

A Day In the Life of a Lupie

I know life as a parent is stressful and at times, just life in general in stressful. Throw in high schoolers, one with special needs, a college student and three cats then we have a circus. And the icing? I have lupus and fibro. Some days suck before they even start.

Blueberry recipe pinterest post article

What Fuels Our Fictional Love Affairs

Do you remember your first fictional, teenybopper crush? I think mine was Zach Morris (Saved By the Bell), followed by all of NKOTB. And then, one day, it happened. My first book boyfriend. Damon Salvadore.

Have wordswill travel article

Have Words, Will Travel

I hadn’t done much real traveling in my life before I met my husband. Other than literary traveling, of course. Through reading, I have visited every corner of the earth and corners of worlds that only exist in the imagination.

Breaking article

Is Breaking Character Bad?

Character. It’s a loaded word. It can be good or bad, real or imagined. It can speak to a person from fiction or it can speak to all that makes us human. And what makes characters human? What makes us connect to them in such a visceral way?

Author brand article

Tips to Maintain a Consistent Author Brand

Sometimes it is easy to get locked into a narrow view of what your brand means and who your audience is. With this article, we hope we can expand your vision as we look at how to maintain a consistent brand across multiple platforms from around the world.